a boutonné feature in prvncl magazine

Where did the name Boutonné come from?
My whole life, I’ve felt most at peace when everything around me is clean, polished and tidy. To me, that is luxury at its finest. Boutonné is a french term that illustrates just that.

It translates in English to “buttoned up” – someone or something that’s complete or concluded something satisfactorily.

Doesn’t that just sound delightful?! I can just see the little bow right on top with the accompanying “ding.” It’s like dotting the “i.”


What did the inception of the brand look like?
When Boutonné was born, the vision was to create an inspiring brand with beautiful products that would last not only physically, withstanding the test of time, but also products that would remain timeless in appearance.

The idea was that a customer would be able to pass down their splendidly crafted piece and the lucky recipient will be able to wear it and love it, not only because it was mom or dad’s ole’ favorite piece, but because it’s still relevant and current.

So, timeless pieces were at the top of the list and so was American made. It was equally important to us that all of our materials were purchased locally, created in our own backyard.

What inspires your design the most?

Spoken like a true minimalist, I love all things simple. When it comes to designing a piece, I think three things: form, function and keep it simple!

How do you balance work, rest and family?
My family and community is very important to me. They’re my heart. But creating and running a business is my brain. It’s how I function best.

I know it’s all about balance. I’m honestly still trying to find mine.

What do you see futuristically for Boutonné?
I hope to continue to grow, accomplish even greater success, bring more designs to life, share them with the world and continue to meet wonderful humans along the way to inspire and be inspired by.

How do you keep the vision for the company fresh?

I used to really worry about staying fresh or current, but all of that buzz around me just created so much stress to be the next best “whatever.” It was then I decided to get quiet and just focus on my own brand, my heart and truly let my most authentic self out. To me, that is the most important thing, just be you, the authentic you and people will be drawn to that.